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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Updating Extensions to 1.5; Changes and Problems

While frantically trying to understand how I'm going to make my extension compatibile with thunderbird 1.5 beta, I came across this.
The most important change that I see is the chrome.manifest file, which...replaces contents.rdf?

Anyway, it was useful to me to restructure my files as it's shown in the mozillazine article--you'll need to change the references to your .dtd files and .css files because the locations will be different. This may sound redundant or insane, but be sure those locations are correct! I had a lot of problems because I put chrome://thunderbirdtemplates/locale/en-US/overlay.dtd in the .xul instead of chrome://thunderbirdtemplates/locale/overlay.dtd

Good luck updating!


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